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Thursday Transaction - Why You Should Do Business with PMIS

Thursday Transaction is P.M. Info Systems' weekly blog post for business transactions.

Why you should do business with P.M. Info Systems...

For over 30 years P.M. Info Systems has helped small business owners manage and improve their financial, operational, and IT business performance. We specialize in bookkeeping, monthly financial review, dynamic reporting, and eCommerce platforms. We offer accurate, reliable and timely information that has true strategic value while leveraging the latest technology and best practices. P.M. Info Systems has been providing these professional services in the Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Detroit areas since 1991.

Clients are offered a free consultation to determine the needs of their business, and a customized package is designed to address your needs. Please contact us concerning questions you may have for a free consultation. We want to enhance your business. So, call us and we will prove it. We are the small business specialist.

If you are ready to get started now, click the button below and schedule an appointment* with our team or contact us for a Free Consultation to discuss your business needs.

*The $59.95 hour meeting price will be credited to your business package if a package is quoted and purchased

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