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Monday Motivation - I am Resilient!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Monday Motivation is P.M. Info Systems' weekly blog post to start the week off with some inspiring motivation.

I am resilient and can get through anything. (@nourishyourglow)

Here’s your Monday morning mantra. Consider your to-do list toast. Then, seize the day!

This is number 14 of my 19 positive affirmations I read aloud each day! It is definitely changing the way I am thinking. I recommend reading them aloud to yourself each day.

My to-do list today was definitely toast, when everything on it was pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances. It's much easier to deal with when your mind is in a positive state.

Here's the link:

In honor of National Pet Day. This is my dog, Lexie. She was a Boxer/Boston Terrier mix. She passed away back on February 18, 2014. I miss her so much.

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