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Friday Fun - Ocean Strangers Are All I Need!

Friday Fun is P.M. Info Systems' weekly blog post on everything SCUBA!

I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet. (@emandfriends)

Raise your hand if you need this reminder. While seeing someone’s post about their killer zero-dark-thirty workout might motivate you to get out of bed, social media can also make you feel crummy when you start comparing your life to others’ curated feeds. When it does, step back and repeat this affirmation.

I love social media but some days you just need to go diving and forget all of it! 👌😁✨

This is number 8 of my 19 positive affirmations I read aloud each day! It is definitely changing the way I am thinking. I recommend reading them aloud to yourself each day.

Here's the link:

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