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Friday Fun - 3 Tips for a Scuba Trip!

Friday Fun is P.M. Info Systems' weekly blog post on everything SCUBA!

These 3 tips are for packing and unpacking for your scuba trip!

Tip #1 – When packing, simplify the color scheme of your clothes. Working within a color scheme reduces the time you spend thinking, searching, and making decisions about what to wear or what accessories will match your outfits.

Since you will be underwater 75% of the time, stick to simple. I like to stay within my branding color scheme. Most of my clothes are Red, Pink, Black, or Gray.

Tip #2 – Make a master travel & scuba checklist. Include on the list categories of clothing, tickets, passports, camera, medicines, toiletries, etc. The scuba list should include all your scuba gear, etc.

Tip #3 – Unpacking after the trip. Before you sit down to open the mail, text everyone you’re back, or relax, unpack your bag. If you don’t do it before dealing with the new stuff, your suitcase will probably sit in the middle of your bedroom, stuffed full of dirty clothes, for a week!

I am guilty of not unpacking my bags after a trip. But I’ve programmed myself to unpack the minute I get home and it’s made a big difference. I highly recommend it!

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