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Tuesday Tip - My Life/My MK!

Tuesday Tip is P.M. Info Systems' weekly blog post on a small tidbit about healthy living.

This week's healthy living tip is all about skin care innovation! Being healthy on the outside is as healthy on the inside so it's important to keep your skin clean and hydrated.

My Life/My MK is focused on my granddaughter these days. I've retired from my full-time job to take care of her but want to instill in her the value of being independent and earning a living from doing what you love. So, I have partnered with the best skincare company on the planet, a company FOR WOMEN, that has given over $80 million to women's shelters and domestic violence service providers, as well as cancer research programs throughout the U.S. If you haven't seen their product line-up recently, be sure and check out the new Clinical Solutions products at If you do not have a Mary Kay consultant servicing you, type in my name, Peggy Maffeo, Michigan.

Watch the video on Skin Care Innovation by clicking the link below

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